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I don’t know who you are, I don’t know where you come from. I don’t know which path you took to open this page. Anyway, you are welcome! The HSE blog is going to be quite active soon as a supplementary tool within the EuroScientist webzine! It will host new HSE bloggers, who are very enthusiastic about delivering […]



UK Scientists against brexit

Mission Statements of Scientists for EU We believe that any debate on the UK’s continued membership of the EU must be fully informed and we intend to represent science robustly in that debate. Science and innovation are key issues for three reasons: The first is the importance of science, research and innovation to the UK’s […]


Scientists need to understand policymaking to influence it.

Read this article. Sure it will help you to understand things we are not used to think about!                                                  Is policymaking like a clinical trial? Photograph: Stephen Kelly/PA

Myself, talking about nuclear energy. credit to :

#SciencesDebout, an other path for scientific outreach ? 1

What is #SciencesDebout ? I guess most of the readers know what the French movement NuitDebout (Standing Night) is. If not, let’s just say that after a demonstration against a law draft about working conditions, a few tens of people decided to remain on the Republique place for the night. This occupation persists and gathers […]


Billionaires for basic research By Jeffrey Mervis (Science Insider)

  Posted in Science, Feb. 27 2015. After 42 years of doing atomic physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, and 16 years as an MIT administrator, Marc Kastner knows intimately both the value of basic research—and how to convince rich people to foster its growth at a premier research institution. Yesterday he […]

Any volunteers to join the HSE Bloggers in the EuroScientist team?

Photo credit: © intheskies – Dear all, I have tried these weeks to mark a new, pleasant, but pertinent direction for the HSE Blog with my last posts. This blog is now ready for a cooperative switch to gain strength and efficiency…. Up to you to follow this transition and to some of you to […]

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During the year where President Reagan started his famous tax cut, I was a master student in Biochemistry at Univ. Paris 6- UPMC,  lucky to learn the concept of protein allostery from a great professor, Daniel Blangy. Years before, he was one of the PhD student of Jacques Monod at Institut Pasteur, helping him with Henri Buc […]


Few days ago, I watched this video in my Facebook where a collection of everyday people is shown walking in the street with a guide to direct them because they were in great danger, compulsively focused to the screen of their smartphones. It reminds me that during the same day, like every day, I was doing the same… As if […]



Lessons from Panama Papers 1

    With Panama papers, we got a clear demonstration how the human societies are spoilt worldwide by the obsession of top-down spheres for compulsive self-enrichement and nepotism. The huge work developed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists will undoubtedly mark our history and hopefully animate one for all the citizens to fight for a […]