This post originally appeared here – please feel free to get in touch with comments/questions!   Thanks to @Doctor_PMS for the photo above, from the Rally to Stand up for Science at the 2017 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting in Boston.   Many scientists are currently looking to become more […]

How international scientists can advocate, and how U.S. scientists can ...

On Saturday 22nd April, scientists and science enthusiasts in London will join hundreds of thousands of people in more than 400 locations across the globe to recognise scientific progress, raise awareness of scientific discovery, and defend scientific integrity. At a time when fake news is rife and independent experts face […]

Science to take to the streets of London

April 22nd was supposed to be a time for scientists and concerned citizens to come together to make themselves heard in solidarity with US scientists and against a devastating politics towards research in USA, European Union, and Belgium. Unfortunately, it won’t happen. Held by lobbies and advisers for the EU […]

April 22nd in Brussels: March for Science or March for ...

Why a March for Science in Civray, a very small town, near Poitiers, West France ? Whereas most of the marches are organized in university cities ?   Because we are a small group of active citizens, aged from 17 to 69. Because also, unusually, we do research in our […]

A March for Science in a small countryside town?

Paris le 31 mars 2017. Initiée en réaction aux positions anti-sciences de D. Trump, et face aux difficultés croissantes pour pratiquer et accéder aux sciences dans de nombreux pays, la Marche pour les Sciences («March for Science ») est devenue un événement mondial qui aura lieu le 22 avril dans […]

Face à l’obscurantisme et aux contre-vérités, une marche pour les ...

Reflection after the MEP’s speech With great embarrassment, anger and a sense of powerlessness we follow, as the world rubs its eyes in astonishment watching the performance of a 75 years old Polish politician called Janusz Korwin-Mikke. During a session at the EU Parliament on the 3 March 2017, he […]

If not men, the world would not move off?

HSE designed a home-made map focused on all the organising centres (houses) and the local groups (walkers) preparing the March for Science in Europe. Just click on the map and you will reach the interactive map. Click on each mark and you will find the link to the Facebook (or Twitter) pages for each group.

Interactive European Map – March for Science – Homo scientificus ...

More than 58 Marches in the European Union. Now, less than one month before Earth Day, close to the final number of Marches organised in European cities are engaged in doing their practical courses. According to the EuroScientist’s list based on teams having a Facebook or a Twitter account, a […]

Less than one month to reach Earth Day.

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Recently, I have involved the Homo scientificus europaeus project in both a national and local initiative, first in Spain and then in Barcelona. My apologies for writing in the first person. This was not on the agenda. Two weeks ago, I realized that the Spanish March for Science was in […]

The Catalan Paradox

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  The “March for Science” is now entering in a new step. It is time to prepare the event. This is obviously the most critical moment, when volunteers are called by the organising cores to join the team. Looking to all the events in preparation throughout the EU gives an […]

Ich bin ein… Homo scientificus europaeus!

Defacement (The Death of Michael Stewart) by Jean-Michel Basquiat 1
« If he were allowed contact with foreigners he would discover that they are creatures similar to himself and that most of what he has been told about them is lies». George Orwell, 1984 Last november, over 60 million people deliberately chose to be led by a man who’s repeatedly made […]

Inside the racist brain

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We have now our home-made map focused on the European events showing all the organising centres (houses) and the local groups (walkers) preparing the March for Science. Just click on the map here and you will reach the interactive map. Click in each mark and you will find the link to Facebook (or […]

March for Science is “en route”. Help us to follow ...

  “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say” Tyrion III, A Clash of Kings, George R.R. Martin In the first days since Trump took office as 45th president of the United […]

Science under siege

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Starting our adventure on Euroscientist blog we would like to present organization which is our home and our tool to make a change in polish higher education system and science. How did it start? The idea to start our work appeared few years ago, quite spontaneously. It had taken some […]

Polish Women Scientists Network. Who we are, what we do?

For some time now, I see a growing number of articles praising algorithms and computer programs. They will apparently solve all of our problems, including the ones we were not aware we had, faster and cheaper than any human could. As a computer scientist, I am fully aware of the […]

The Algorithm God

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Purpose The purpose of science is to expand our knowledge about nature, based on observation and submitting it to public scrutiny. Ultimately the advances can produce solutions to certain problems, otherwise, can give a solid basis for future research. The main commodity that moves research is the academic article, which […]

Science and Piracy: Yo-Ho-Ho (Arrr-ticles) and a bottle of rum

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Despite  your glass of Champagne, unfortunately you cannot forget the extreme difficulties we are facing to. Mind elevation is strongly required! Fear has become a common factor in most of our societies. Conflicts are running everywhere revealing many fractures in our foundations. Social inequalities and climate change are following their progression enhancing and accelerating […]

Best wishes for 2017. Take care… and support EuroScientist!

A gentle known greater evil lurking 1
This title is inspired by the words of Dr. Susan McCouch. She refers to the willing of people to change mindsets in the face of greater evil, that often seem so far away that only in its proximity they re-consider beliefs. The topic treated in this discussion was mainly related […]

The greater evil

Scientific education is built on a system which fosters success measured against a set of worked out solutions, designed to teach students the research tools available. It misses to train how to handle situations when the tools don’t apply anymore and there is a need to try and fail, giving […]

Set Me Up To Fail

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  The measurement of Impact Factor – how many citations a publication or a researcher is able to attract, is one of the most controversial yet most widely used quality indicators in science. This single number is the basis of decisions on funding policy, evaluation of research quality, scholarly appointments […]

The Like of Science – A New Impact Factor in ...