The Infrastructure Dilemma

Who Cares about the Connection?   Recently updated !

You go on a trip. All the necessities of life crammed into your backpack: Phone, tablet, laptop, mini satellite phone and a foldable communications satellite. All you need to stay connected. You make your way through the streets with unfamiliar signs and the flocks of incomprehensibly chatting locals, all trying to help you out in […]

Deep Risk in Pharmaceutical Shipping Sparks Debate

Pharmaceuticals and related components ship across the globe on a daily basis. Due to the nature of the medicines shipped, there are always some risks to consider before, during and after shipment. What are the most common risks that a pharmaceutical company needs to consider when shipping their product? How does this shift in transportation style […]



The Three Parent Baby: Monster or Miracle? 4

In April of this year the world’s first three-parent baby was born and is reported to be healthy. This is a huge milestone in mitochondrial therapy, a year after the procedure was legalised in the UK, the only country in the world (so far) to have explicitly permitted the technique. The procedure was overseen by […]

Taking the red pill: Beyond The Matrix (of Academia) 5

Crossroads 1999´s blockbuster “The Matrix” made us familiar with the “red pill philosophy.” In a provocative scene when Morpheus offers to Neo an election which later determined the outcome of the story’s hero. The options were to either take the blue pill and stay in the simulation world in which he has been living and […]

Red pill-Blue pill, property of Sergio Diez de Medina

What do Croatia’s election results mean for its neglected science?

Croatia’s citizens have had their say. Again. In the second elections in the past year – following the collapse of an inefficient coalition plagued by corruption allegations – they have once again elected no single majority. Which means another coalition government, once again led by the right-wing HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union), the party that won the […]



The future of science outreach and re-thinking the ‘fight’ against science communication with the public 4

Are scientists bad communicators? An article published in The Guardian two weeks ago caused a firestorm of responses from the online science communication community. The focus was on the fact that science communication cannot simply be scientists lecturing from a soapbox using graphs, statistics, and facts. To scientists, this is a natural approach: when presented with something incorrect, you use data to support the […]

Young scientists attraction for sustainable development 2

What am I to do afterwards ? This is certainly the central question for most PhD candidates when the end comes closer.  I think we are all familiar with the range of answers that comes with it : the will to pursue with a post-doc is soon replaced by the will to do anything else […]


Greek Fire innovation

Callinicus: the importance of scientists, knowledge, and innovation 3

The weapon The role that scientific advances and technological innovations play on the fate of civilizations is illustrated by numerous examples, including food-related developments (improved species in agriculture and livestock), health (hygiene and the discovery of antibiotics), and lifestyle (popularization of the internet). However, none of these examples triggers immediate effects on the nation’s evolution […]

Dear reader of the HSE blog

I don’t know who you are, I don’t know where you come from. I don’t know which path you took to open this page. Anyway, you are welcome! The HSE blog is going to be quite active soon as a supplementary tool within the EuroScientist webzine! It will host new HSE bloggers, who are very enthusiastic about delivering […]



UK Scientists against brexit

Mission Statements of Scientists for EU We believe that any debate on the UK’s continued membership of the EU must be fully informed and we intend to represent science robustly in that debate. Science and innovation are key issues for three reasons: The first is the importance of science, research and innovation to the UK’s […]