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We have now our home-made map focused on the European events showing all the organising centres (houses) and the local groups (walkers) preparing the March for Science. Just click on the map here and you will reach the interactive map. Click in each mark and you will find the link to Facebook (or […]

March for Science is “en route”. Help us to follow ...

Science ministries in south-east Europe (SEE) are ushering in an era of greater collaborative research in the region, aiming to harmonise their policies and share their research infrastructure. The hope is that this will help improve their competitiveness with richer counterparts in the EU and further afield. Ministers and officials […]

South-eastern Europe to harmonise its science policy, innovation

Science ministers from South-East Europe will meet in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) on 22 and 23 November 2012, under the auspices of UNESCO, to try to take forward research aspects of a recent EU initiative to develop the Danube region (‘The Danube Region Strategy’). The meeting will attempt to […]

Science ministers to meet in Sarajevo to flesh out new ...

Slovenia’s parliament is expected to approve a 10-year strategy next week to give the country’s research and innovation sectors a major facelift. The plan aims to boost government funding for science, attract more scientific talent from abroad, and make the nation of 2 million the science and innovation hub of […]

Ten-Year Plan Aims to Make Slovenia a Regional Science Leader

The government of Montenegro (marked in green on the map below) has approved its Strategy for Development and Financing of Higher Education 2011-2020, which looks set to increase funding for science in the tiny country. Earlier this year, Montenegro separated its higher education and science ministries in the hope that […]

Science boost for Montenegro

The breakup of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s created a situation in which research was a luxury for many of its former republics struggling to make it as independent countries. But Balkan countries are betting more and more that science can help them rescue ailing economies. Montenegro’s new prime minister, […]

Balkan Countries Pin Hopes on More Science