Erica Brockmeier

About Erica Brockmeier

I'm currently working as a computational biology post-doc at the University of Liverpool. Before coming to the UK, I completed my PhD in Toxicology from the University of Florida, where my research was focused on endocrine disruption and environmental contamination. I'm also the lead writer of Science with Style, a blog focused on science communication and professional development for PhD students and early career researchers. When I'm not working in the lab or writing, I enjoy travelling, tae kwon do, and taking photographs.

Are scientists bad communicators? An article published in The Guardian two weeks ago caused a firestorm of responses from the online science communication community. The focus was on the fact that science communication cannot simply be scientists lecturing from a soapbox using graphs, statistics, and facts. To scientists, this is a natural approach: when presented with something incorrect, you […]

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