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I am a teacher of molecular biology/biochemistry at the UMPC-Sorbonne University*. At EuroScientist, heading its Editorial Board looking for a sustainable model, I have launched the concomitant development of the "Homo scientificus europaeus" cloud. Having an irrepressible vocation for making science at the frontiers of knowledge in a multidisciplinary and cooperative atmosphere, I focused my research during the 80s on the unexpected highly tensed state of the DNA found in archae living at high temperature. Then I switched to HIV and its viral machine from the early 90s to 2016. Following my teaching activity at UPMC, I jumped from Paris to Barcelona in 2006, where I am now engaged in a hoolistic and pronoiac approach about the self-organisation properties of our living world from proteins to men, sending a message in a bottle : "Is there any chance to change the world?". Marine plankton will hopefully help me soon to better apprehend bottom-up and self-organisation processes! *

Political populism, with its accompanying “fake news” and pseudoscience, leaves scientists distraught. But maybe scientific research itself needs a reboot. Research can no longer win public funding on the mere promise of a possible contribution to society. In recent years we have seen breaches of ethics and scientific integrity, exponential […]

Homo scientificus europaeus: Giving European scientists back their voice

Why a March for Science in Civray, a very small town, near Poitiers, West France ? Whereas most of the marches are organized in university cities ?   Because we are a small group of active citizens, aged from 17 to 69. Because also, unusually, we do research in our […]

A March for Science in a small countryside town?

Despite  your glass of Champagne, unfortunately you cannot forget the extreme difficulties we are facing to. Mind elevation is strongly required! Fear has become a common factor in most of our societies. Conflicts are running everywhere revealing many fractures in our foundations. Social inequalities and climate change are following their progression enhancing and accelerating […]

Best wishes for 2017. Take care… and support EuroScientist!

I don’t know who you are, I don’t know where you come from. I don’t know which path you took to open this page. Anyway, you are welcome! The HSE blog is going to be quite active soon as a supplementary tool within the EuroScientist webzine! It will host new HSE bloggers, who […]

Dear reader of the HSE blog

Mission Statements of Scientists for EU We believe that any debate on the UK’s continued membership of the EU must be fully informed and we intend to represent science robustly in that debate. Science and innovation are key issues for three reasons: The first is the importance of science, research […]

UK Scientists against brexit

    With Panama papers, we got a clear demonstration how the human societies are spoilt worldwide by the obsession of top-down spheres for compulsive self-enrichement and nepotism. The huge work developed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists will undoubtedly mark our history and hopefully animate one for all the […]

Lessons from Panama Papers

Read EuroScientist’s last issue about Science and the Common Good! Towards new ways to use and to make Science closer to the needs of our tired world! Peace must disrupt the vicious circle: fear-ignorance-hate and help the citizens to overcome the old adage tremendously exposed by Etienne de la Boetie close […]

Engaged against the dark side!

Last time I spoke with Mariano Gago, it was a few weeks after we published the open letter “They have chosen ignorance”. It ended up being a one-hour phone-call! He was horrified by the recent research cuts in Portugal. He was also very concerned about the fact that the human […]

Sad news: Mariano Gago is dead!