Sergio Diez de Medina Roldán

About Sergio Diez de Medina Roldán

I´m a Biochemist graduated at Universidad de Chile. Master in Technology Management at Universidad de Talca, and Ph.D. in Biotechnology at Andrés Bello University. I have worked in Plant Biotechnology, mainly on issues related to GM crops coexistence with native species, molecular markers applied to commercially relevant traits and technology transfer associated with biotechnology. I´m a founder member of Journal of Technology Management and Innovation. Currently, I work at Universidad Arturo Prat in a research project to address plastic waste issues using microorganisms. Also, I´m a Taekwondo instructor, 3rd Dan Black Belt.

Purpose The purpose of science is to expand our knowledge about nature, based on observation and submitting it to public scrutiny. Ultimately the advances can produce solutions to certain problems, otherwise, can give a solid basis for future research. The main commodity that moves research is the academic article, which […]

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The weapon The role that scientific advances and technological innovations play on the fate of civilizations is illustrated by numerous examples, including food-related developments (improved species in agriculture and livestock), health (hygiene and the discovery of antibiotics), and lifestyle (popularization of the internet). However, none of these examples triggers immediate […]

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