Last week I was in Oslo, invited by the organising committee of Eurodoc2017, to give an introductory talk on Open Science [1]. One thing that became apparent during this two-day event was that, although irresistibly trendy, Open Science remains an elusive concept. Many continue to confuse Open Science with Open […]

Open scientists in the shoes of frustrated academics part I: ...

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  The measurement of Impact Factor – how many citations a publication or a researcher is able to attract, is one of the most controversial yet most widely used quality indicators in science. This single number is the basis of decisions on funding policy, evaluation of research quality, scholarly appointments […]

The Like of Science – A New Impact Factor in ...

( An essay contest is probably one of the most intriguing events for any writer. And it’s no wonder as this is an opportunity to accept the challenge and compete with other pen wizards. After all, if the primacy of content in the search results is often ambiguous and dynamic, […]

How to Boost Your Chance to Win an Essay Contest

A journal published by the Serbian Biological Society is under investigation by the Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science (CEON/CEES), which runs the Serbian national citation index in cooperation with the National Library of Serbia, according to a source in CEON/CEES. The investigation follows a revelation by Scholarly Open Access […]

Serbian journal, Archives of Biological Sciences, under investigation following accusation ...

The rector of University of Pristina – Kosovo’s largest university – Ibrahim Gashi is being pressured to resign after it was revealed he published articles in predatory journals to meet the requirements for promotion to full professor, reports Scholarly Open Access blog post. All five articles published by Gashi had […]

Scandal in Kosovo: Rector’s alleged track record of publishing in ...

In October last year, Science published a journalistic investigation into quality of peer review in open access journals. The results were sobering. Around 60% of all journals accepted for publication a research paper with the most obvious and basic mistakes – in fact the whole paper, its data, authors and […]

What has Science’s open-access sting taught us about the quality ...

Science‘s John Bohannon has recently revealed the extent of poor or non-existent peer review in some journals that call themselves peer-reviewed, as we reported on here. Now, an open-access publisher based in Rijeka, Croatia, called InTech, has cancelled its journal that was targeted and exposed by Science’s investigation. The journal was going to charge […]

Fallout from Science’s publisher sting: Journal closes in Croatia

In just three days more than 3,000 of Serbia’s scientists have signed a petition aimed at the Serbian Government and Ministry of Science to preserve access to journals thorough a Serbian library service KoBSON, following loss of access to Oxford University Press materials earlier this month (9 April). The service […]

Serbia’s scientists rise to defend access to papers

A Serbian study claims to have uncovered a ‘citation cartel’ in which two Bosnian journals listed by Web of Science and Journal Citation Reports are practicing an ‘alarming level of misconduct’ with ‘substantial involvement of large groups of authors from Serbia’. … The researchers found that the journals’ impact factors ‘comes entirely from self-citations, their mutual […]

Citation cartel uncovered in Bosnian journals

Researchers in Serbia are facing reduced access to scientific literature after funding cuts to the national portal KoBSON, run by a consortium of some of its largest libraries, which has become the main access point for research institutions over the past 11 years of its existence. Instead of New Year’s […]

Access to scientific papers at risk for Serbia’s researchers

An open letter to the Serbian science ministry – coinciding with the new government’s first 100 days in office – and an accompanying petition signed by 850 scientists so far, makes for pretty dim reading on the state of research ethics in Serbia. The systematic and apparently state-endorsed practice of artificially boosting one’s ratings […]

Serbian scientists decry systematic plagiarism, predatory publishing

The retraction count continues to grow for a group of Iranian scientists who appear to have published similar work four times. The group was forced to retract a Journal of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases paper in March. That retraction came alongside one in the New Zealand Journal of Medical Laboratory […]

Group’s duplication retractions span the globe, from New Zealand to ...

More than 800 scientists have signed a petition started two weeks ago campaigning for an overhaul of research ethics and the assessment process for researchers in Serbia, amid systematic and widely-tolerated academic misconduct. An open letter has also been sent to the science and education ministry. The letter details a damning situation of […]

Scientists petition Serbian government to tackle misconduct

A report for the Serbian science ministry by the Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science (CEON) found that whopping 11% of scientific journal articles by Serbian authors published in English language but in Serbian journals were plagiarised. The proportion was similar across all sciences (natural, medical, technical and social). Apart from […]

A tsunami of plagiarism in Serbia, but hardly any retractions

You may think that in a country with regular plagiarism scandals there would be many retractions. But a search for ‘retractions’ in the open-access depository of academic journals, Hrcak Srce, shows only two retraction notices among more than 70,000 articles in 271 journals indexed there. There may be several reasons for this. One […]

How do Croatian scientists deal with retractions and misconduct?

A decade-long fight around Croatia’s premier scientific journal, which has garnered international respect for its quality standards, has flared up again. Last week, the two editors-in-chief of the Croatian Medical Journal (CMJ) resigned after what they say are years of obstruction by members of the management board that made running the journal […]

Editors of Croatian Medical Journal Resign Amid Long-Running Feu