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We have now our home-made map focused on the European events showing all the organising centres (houses) and the local groups (walkers) preparing the March for Science. Just click on the map here and you will reach the interactive map. March for Science HSE communityClick in each mark and you will find the link to Facebook (or Twitter) pages for each group.  This map has been updated on February 24 based on pre-existing samples. Thanks to our predecessors, to Scientists for EU, Marche pour les Sciences and the croatian team of March for Science. We’ve heard that more initiatives are close to be announced. Welcome to any sentinel informing us about new groups and cities.

Our goal now at EuroScientist and its HSE blog is sharing informations and testimonies about the preparation of these events. Therefore, anyone interested to submit us his/her thoughts is welcome to contact us by sending an email at and either a text, a video or a podcast.  Something relevant, serious or… enjoyable! Giving sense to science can be supported by anecdotes from backstage to make it easier. Taking the pulse of the scientists during this big challenge is our own challenge in order to boost transverse communication. We will also open soon the HSE community’s online shop with original T-shirts designed for this event.

We are wishing to get feedback and to share these informations between the forty – fifty groups that are now tremendously thinking about how to deal with such a complex situation. To protest but being highly responsible. To speak about science but with the aim to convince those, who reject science. To engage an act of solidarity with our US congeners, but crossing the fingers that the EU will not go in that direction.

Brexit is pending of its application and other countries are not far to swich to far right governance: the risk is getting higher within the EU to face more fake news, alternative facts and weaker top-down interest for supporting inspired research and relevant innovation. Therefore, solidarity with US scientists and cooperation between the European scientists are  fully intertwined.

Take it easy and have a breath. You can contribute to influence the real world. You and her and him and… us, all together being the more cooperative we can! We will march to defend the democratic values that paradoxically allow now more capability for the citizens to directly defend their common good. It is time for evidences learnt with science to defeat private interests, corruption, angriness, frustration and inequalities. We cannot let some of us, while impressed by denialism, alternative facts and misinformation, asking for tyranny. Facts are not speaking by themselves and scientists have a critical role being sentinels. Here, science communication strongly requires mind elevation to live up our expectations,

Welcome to read EuroScientist, its HSE blog and to join the HSE community either on Facebook or LinkedIn. Please, like and follow our community’s pages! Help us, we will help you.

EuroScientist and the HSE Community

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About March for Science

Here are texts proposed by the MforS participants during the preparation of the events across the different cities. It offers a way to our readers to get the pulse and for our writers to share their feeling. Positive energy is strongly required to make this March a success and to engage Science towards a better impact for the future of our societies.

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