How to participate

Your participation is absolutely key for the HSE blog to succeed and to ultimately make a difference, by devising solutions to change the way the research environment operates in Europe and worldwide. We are grassroots and bottom-up!

Your first contribution could be commenting the texts directly.

As a second contribution, spreading the texts you like throughout your networks would be tremendous.

We have a Facebook page dedicated to the EuroScientist articles and another for the HSE community of EuroScientist opened to outreached info and posts. You can like and share the link of that famous post you enjoyed so much. You can also share posts within the LinkedIn EuroScientist group you are welcome to join.

Of course, feel free to contact us and send us your suggestions at

The blog has incorporated a new team of bloggers with diversified horizons that will soon become all visible. Wait and see! How? By waiting for the next post!

If your dearest wish is to become a HSE blogger, please drop us a note at and send us a short CV, an enthusiastic letter and a text you find it urgent to post. Our team will consider your request and send you an answer ASAP!

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