Science academies

An article from Stephen Foote, experienced systems engineer dealing with mechanical and Hydraulic systems but also challenging the academic studies describing the dermal system and explaining the restricted  growth of hair follicles. Most people with an interest in science, are aware of the move towards more multidisciplinary scientific research. The supporters […]

A practical problem with multidisciplinary science

Recently, I have involved the Homo scientificus europaeus project in both a national and local initiative, first in Spain and then in Barcelona. My apologies for writing in the first person. This was not on the agenda. Two weeks ago, I realized that the Spanish March for Science was in […]

The Catalan Paradox

Carolina Prysyazhnyuk (CC BY-SA 2.0) 3
  The measurement of Impact Factor – how many citations a publication or a researcher is able to attract, is one of the most controversial yet most widely used quality indicators in science. This single number is the basis of decisions on funding policy, evaluation of research quality, scholarly appointments […]

The Like of Science – A New Impact Factor in ...

Toulouse ESOF 2018 representatives during Manchester's closing ceremony 1
On July 27th, 2016, after five days of exciting seminars, workshops and debates on the latest science and technology development in Manchester, Toulouse officially became the new European City of Science. On this day, Manchester passed on the torch to Toulouse for the organization of EuroScience Open Forum 2018, during […]

ESOF 2018: From Manchester to Toulouse

The Serbian Academy of Science and Arts has said it would write to the prime minister calling for him to host an urgent meeting to solve the ‘catastrophic situation in science’. The decision to send the letter, announced this week (20 May), followed a meeting of representatives from the academy, […]

Serbia’s science academy decries ‘catastrophic state of science’, demands government ...

Recent political wrangling in Serbia has imperilled research projects of Vojvodina’s regional science academy and its future existence as an official academy, funded though the county budget. The Vojvodinian Academy of Sciences and Arts will form an NGO in February, as a parallel institution with a different name: Academy of […]

Serbian court ruling sparks funding scramble for Vojvodina’s science academy

Vojvodina’s science academy, VANU, has published a letter to the public, both Serbian and international, calling on them to defend its existence as a regional academy dealing with issues that are neglected on the national level. This regional academy is in danger of being shut down for the second time […]

Funding for Vojvodina’s science academy under threat

Moldova has “drastically” cut its science funding for 2013 by more than 15%. This constitutes a reversal of plans to increase science spending and would bring some projects to a halt, according to Vitalie Varzari, senior specialist at the Department for European Integration and International Cooperation of the Academy of […]

Moldova slashes science funds

Montenegro Science Academy Faces Funding Freeze Over Merger Montenegro’s official science academy may see its budget subject to month-by-month approvals, or even face deep budget cuts, if it does not comply with a law forcing it to merge with the country’s unofficial science academy. The move, approved at a cabinet […]

A new twist in the merger of Montenegro’s science academies

Science academies from across Central and Eastern Europe have agreed to strengthen ties and boost their engagement with wider society, especially policymakers and youth, in a bid to remain relevant and boost their access to European funds and international collaborations. The agreement – emerging from a two-day meeting in Minsk, […]

East and Central European science academies agree to boost collaboration, ...

Members of Montenegro’s unofficial science academy, the Doclean Academy of Sciences and Arts (DANU), got a nasty surprise this week. In March, the country’s parliament mandated that DANU should merge with the official academy, the Montenegrin Academy of Science and Arts (CANU), in an effort to unite the country’s scientific potential. The […]

Montenegrin academicians at loggerheads

Twenty years after Yugoslavia’s bloody breakup, academies that are nominally about science and arts are often still players in political fights. In 2011 alone, two new, hotly contested academies were formed within Serbia, one for Bosniaks—the ethnic group also referred to as Bosnian Muslims, who form a minority in Serbia […]

In Former Yugoslavia, Academies Keep Fighting

A new law in Montenegro aimed at strengthening science and innovation for development has sparked a war of words between the country’s two science academies, including a call for the country’s science minister to be replaced. The law, adopted by the government on 1 December, aims to bring the country’s two […]

Science Academies at Odds Over New Law in Montenegro

A new academy of science started by Muslim religious leaders in Bosnia and Serbia has stirred debate across the Balkans. Serbian academics say the academy is a political move aimed at increasing tensions between Serbs and Bosniaks in the region, and some Bosniak scientists say the new organization is an […]

Fight Erupts Over New Bosniak Academy of Sciences