An article from Stephen Foote, experienced systems engineer dealing with mechanical and Hydraulic systems but also challenging the academic studies describing the dermal system and explaining the restricted  growth of hair follicles. Most people with an interest in science, are aware of the move towards more multidisciplinary scientific research. The supporters […]

A practical problem with multidisciplinary science

The Turkish Council for Scientific and Technical Research (TÜBITAK) issued on March 24, 2017 a decree addressed to all Turkish peer reviewed scientific journals, including the international periodicals listed by the Turkish Academic Network and Information Center (ULAKBIM). This text requires that the journals « reconsider the make-up of their […]

TÜBİTAK: scientific body or political tool?

Montenegro Science Academy Faces Funding Freeze Over Merger Montenegro’s official science academy may see its budget subject to month-by-month approvals, or even face deep budget cuts, if it does not comply with a law forcing it to merge with the country’s unofficial science academy. The move, approved at a cabinet […]

A new twist in the merger of Montenegro’s science academies

Members of Montenegro’s unofficial science academy, the Doclean Academy of Sciences and Arts (DANU), got a nasty surprise this week. In March, the country’s parliament mandated that DANU should merge with the official academy, the Montenegrin Academy of Science and Arts (CANU), in an effort to unite the country’s scientific potential. The […]

Montenegrin academicians at loggerheads

Twenty years after Yugoslavia’s bloody breakup, academies that are nominally about science and arts are often still players in political fights. In 2011 alone, two new, hotly contested academies were formed within Serbia, one for Bosniaks—the ethnic group also referred to as Bosnian Muslims, who form a minority in Serbia […]

In Former Yugoslavia, Academies Keep Fighting