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by Vasiliki Michopoulou The Greek Ministry of Education announced on August 28,  2017 the main points of the draft law that will soon be discussed on the changes in the Lyceum and on prerequisites for entrance to Higher education. In the draft law, one can easily recognize the “metaphysical” obsession […]

“Metaphysical” persistence of degradation of Natural Sciences in the Greek ...

On April 22nd, on the eve of the first round of the French presidential elections, an event brought together more than one million citizens worldwide. In France, it was supported by more than forty scholarly societies, including the Académie des Sciences, dozens of universities, major French research organisations, elite scientists, […]

Mr. Macron, do not sacrifice science and the transmission of ...

A common theme threads through the European Commission’s recommendations for 2014-2015 to Balkan member states, issued yesterday (2 June). It points out the high percentage of youth unemployment and poor access to quality vocational education, calling for a fuller implementation of planned and ongoing reforms in the science and education […]

EC: Balkan countries should improve their failing education systems

Several initiatives on research, innovation and higher education have found their way into the next two years’ (2014-2016) workplan of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) – a regionally owned and led framework for the promotion of cooperation in South East Europe (SEE) and supporting European and Euro-Atlantic integration. The workplan’s […]

Regional Cooperation Council adopts ambitious research and higher education goals

Croatia’s science minister and his assistant have painted a rather bleak picture of the current state of the country’s science, characterising it as low quality, completely divorced from industry, and plagued by funding difficulties and fragmentation. The scientific and higher education system is “characterised by challenges and inherited unsatisfactory levels […]

Croatia’s research is ‘unsatisfactory’ and dogged by challenges, says science ...

The long-awaited reform of Croatia’s science and higher education policy suffered a sudden setback last week when the prime minister, Zoran Milanovic, backtracked on the left-wing government’s changes to the existing science laws, leading a key science ministry official to  offer his resignation. The law proposed a series of changes, including contract-based […]

Attempts to reform Croatian science stall

Over the past few months, the academic and scientific communities of Croatia have been voicing their displeasure with proposed revisions to the national legislation governing the country’s universities and its science and higher education organizations. Critics have argued, for example, that the changes would take away university autonomy and freedom […]

Croatian Science and University Legislation Ignites ‘Stormy’ Debate