Last week I was in Oslo, invited by the organising committee of Eurodoc2017, to give an introductory talk on Open Science [1]. One thing that became apparent during this two-day event was that, although irresistibly trendy, Open Science remains an elusive concept. Many continue to confuse Open Science with Open […]

Open scientists in the shoes of frustrated academics part I: ...

Croatia’s citizens have had their say. Again. In the second elections in the past year – following the collapse of an inefficient coalition plagued by corruption allegations – they have once again elected no single majority. Which means another coalition government, once again led by the right-wing HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union), […]

What do Croatia’s election results mean for its neglected science?

An opinion article published in The Scientist this week (28 January) sheds some light on a common problem for science in Eastern Europe, especially in smaller countries, many of whose science systems are collapsing under mediocrity and poor funding. Despite Slovakia having adopted science politics similar to that in successful […]

Why Slovakia’s science is a failure while Estonia’s flourishes

The long-awaited reform of Croatia’s science and higher education policy suffered a sudden setback last week when the prime minister, Zoran Milanovic, backtracked on the left-wing government’s changes to the existing science laws, leading a key science ministry official to  offer his resignation. The law proposed a series of changes, including contract-based […]

Attempts to reform Croatian science stall

Republika Srpska, the Serbian entity in the highly ethnically and politically divided Bosnia and Herzegovina, has a new science strategy, complete with an action plan to internationalise its currently dismal science, link it to industry and boost funding to 0.5% of GDP by 2016. The strategy for 2012-2016 was approved […]

Serbian entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina pledges to revolutionise its ...

The breakup of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s created a situation in which research was a luxury for many of its former republics struggling to make it as independent countries. But Balkan countries are betting more and more that science can help them rescue ailing economies. Montenegro’s new prime minister, […]

Balkan Countries Pin Hopes on More Science

Over the past few months, the academic and scientific communities of Croatia have been voicing their displeasure with proposed revisions to the national legislation governing the country’s universities and its science and higher education organizations. Critics have argued, for example, that the changes would take away university autonomy and freedom […]

Croatian Science and University Legislation Ignites ‘Stormy’ Debate