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Despite  your glass of Champagne, unfortunately you cannot forget the extreme difficulties we are facing to. Mind elevation is strongly required! Fear has become a common factor in most of our societies. Conflicts are running everywhere revealing many fractures in our foundations. Social inequalities and climate change are following their progression enhancing and accelerating […]

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Croatia’s science minister and his assistant have painted a rather bleak picture of the current state of the country’s science, characterising it as low quality, completely divorced from industry, and plagued by funding difficulties and fragmentation. The scientific and higher education system is “characterised by challenges and inherited unsatisfactory levels […]

Croatia’s research is ‘unsatisfactory’ and dogged by challenges, says science ...

The Serbian Academy of Science and Arts has said it would write to the prime minister calling for him to host an urgent meeting to solve the ‘catastrophic situation in science’. The decision to send the letter, announced this week (20 May), followed a meeting of representatives from the academy, […]

Serbia’s science academy decries ‘catastrophic state of science’, demands government ...

Kosovo may soon be allowed to take a greater part in EU research funding programs after the country signed an EU-brokered reconciliatory deal with Serbia last month (19 April), following years of conflict, reports Science Insider. After the signing of the deal, the European Commission formally proposed to let Kosovo […]

Kosovo’s deal with Serbia brings high prospects for boost in ...

The tiny nation of Kosovo has a new science law, which mandates the government to invest 0.7% of its budget in research. This is great news for the nation of less than two million which has been through a bloody break-up with its bigger neighbour Serbia. A previous law that […]

Will Kosovo’s new science law turn the tide on its ...

Croatia’s investment in science from 2005-2011 as a percentage of GDP has dropped, singling it out in the EU, according to the ‘Science, technology and innovation in Europe – 2013 edition‘ report published by the European Commission this month (12 April). Croatia’s average annual growth rate in science investment was […]

Croatia bucks the EU trend of increased science funding

The worrying brain drain from Eastern Europe and poor participation of scientists from the region in the EU’s research projects could be reversed if the scientists were paid salaries equal to those of their Western colleagues, a paper published this week (17 April) argues. Such a move would come at […]

EU’s Horizon 2020 should pay researchers in Eastern Europe the ...

A new science law that would pave the way for more research funding for Kosovo’s scientists suffered a blow two weeks ago (20 February) when the parliamentary committee on finance sent it back to the ministry because of “big budgetary implications that were not planned for in the 2013 budget […]

Back to the drawing board for Kosovo’s plans to boost ...

In 2011, Slovenia received the largest number of EU research grants of any Western Balkan country, with 98 projects worth a total of €32,401,000 (Turkey was just ahead of it with 158 projects worth €36,685,000). Most of these grants went to the Jožef Stefan Institute, the National Institute of Biology, […]

How do Western Balkan countries fare with EU research grants?

A group of prominent scientists working in Croatia have made fresh demands for urgent policy changes to move Croatian science from the “bottom of European” science to a meritocratic and internationally integrated system. The letter follows a recent backtrack on long-awaited but highly controversial science reforms: the government suddenly pulled […]

Croatia’s top scientists demand radical policy changes

Science ministers from South-East Europe will meet in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) on 22 and 23 November 2012, under the auspices of UNESCO, to try to take forward research aspects of a recent EU initiative to develop the Danube region (‘The Danube Region Strategy’). The meeting will attempt to […]

Science ministers to meet in Sarajevo to flesh out new ...

Slovenia’s parliament is expected to approve a 10-year strategy next week to give the country’s research and innovation sectors a major facelift. The plan aims to boost government funding for science, attract more scientific talent from abroad, and make the nation of 2 million the science and innovation hub of […]

Ten-Year Plan Aims to Make Slovenia a Regional Science Leader

The government of Montenegro (marked in green on the map below) has approved its Strategy for Development and Financing of Higher Education 2011-2020, which looks set to increase funding for science in the tiny country. Earlier this year, Montenegro separated its higher education and science ministries in the hope that […]

Science boost for Montenegro