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Despite  your glass of Champagne, unfortunately you cannot forget the extreme difficulties we are facing to. Mind elevation is strongly required! Fear has become a common factor in most of our societies. Conflicts are running everywhere revealing many fractures in our foundations. Social inequalities and climate change are following their progression enhancing and accelerating […]

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[PODGORICA] A small group of local journalists, PR professionals and scientists gathered today in Podgorica, Montenegro for a seminar on science journalism co-organised by UNESCO’s Venice office. The seminar was part of a bigger event that kicks off here tomorrow (20 September): the 2nd South East European UNESCO Science Communication […]

Science journalism seminar kicks off in Montenegro

A Balkan Association of Science Journalists has been launched in Novi Sad, Serbia, following a meeting in Tirana, Albania in June 2012. The association comes after a launch of an informal Balkan Network of Science Writers after two sessions dedicated to the region’s science media at the 12th International Public Communication […]

Balkan science journalists form a regional association

UNESCO’s Venice Office is behind a new drive to get science journalism on the agenda of science ministers in the Balkans. A recent two-day UNESCO meeting in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (22-23 November) brought together experts, including science journalists and EUSJA members, to draft and present a list of priorities […]

Ministers in South-East Europe urged to support science journalism

Over the past two years a European Union project has taken 80 journalism students and early-career journalists for one-week courses visiting research labs across Europe. I was lucky enough to take part in the last cohort of journalists sent to universities in either Paris or Bologna. I joined a group […]

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