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On April 22nd, on the eve of the first round of the French presidential elections, an event brought together more than one million citizens worldwide. In France, it was supported by more than forty scholarly societies, including the Académie des Sciences, dozens of universities, major French research organisations, elite scientists, […]

Mr. Macron, do not sacrifice science and the transmission of ...

The Turkish Council for Scientific and Technical Research (TÜBITAK) issued on March 24, 2017 a decree addressed to all Turkish peer reviewed scientific journals, including the international periodicals listed by the Turkish Academic Network and Information Center (ULAKBIM). This text requires that the journals « reconsider the make-up of their […]

TÜBİTAK: scientific body or political tool?

Why a March for Science in Civray, a very small town, near Poitiers, West France ? Whereas most of the marches are organized in university cities ?   Because we are a small group of active citizens, aged from 17 to 69. Because also, unusually, we do research in our […]

A March for Science in a small countryside town?

We have now our home-made map focused on the European events showing all the organising centres (houses) and the local groups (walkers) preparing the March for Science. Just click on the map here and you will reach the interactive map. Click in each mark and you will find the link to Facebook (or […]

March for Science is “en route”. Help us to follow ...

Despite  your glass of Champagne, unfortunately you cannot forget the extreme difficulties we are facing to. Mind elevation is strongly required! Fear has become a common factor in most of our societies. Conflicts are running everywhere revealing many fractures in our foundations. Social inequalities and climate change are following their progression enhancing and accelerating […]

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Greek Fire innovation 3
The weapon The role that scientific advances and technological innovations play on the fate of civilizations is illustrated by numerous examples, including food-related developments (improved species in agriculture and livestock), health (hygiene and the discovery of antibiotics), and lifestyle (popularization of the internet). However, none of these examples triggers immediate […]

Callinicus: the importance of scientists, knowledge, and innovation

A public debate on science agenda of the EU parliament candidates has largely bypassed Croatia. The manifestos of the key parties had little to offer, too. The coalition that is in power, dominated by the social democrats (SDP), says they will focus their work within the EU on 12 “important […]

Science largely neglected in EU parliament elections in Croatia

Western Balkan countries still lag far behind EU countries when it comes to funding science and producing high-quality research and innovations. This is not changing despite these countries’ aspirations and expectations, as well as the publication of many strategic documents to align their policies with the Europe 2020 strategy. This two-part […]

Western Balkans’ integration in European research area: challenges and solutions

Croatia’s science minister and his assistant have painted a rather bleak picture of the current state of the country’s science, characterising it as low quality, completely divorced from industry, and plagued by funding difficulties and fragmentation. The scientific and higher education system is “characterised by challenges and inherited unsatisfactory levels […]

Croatia’s research is ‘unsatisfactory’ and dogged by challenges, says science ...

The tiny nation of Kosovo has a new science law, which mandates the government to invest 0.7% of its budget in research. This is great news for the nation of less than two million which has been through a bloody break-up with its bigger neighbour Serbia. A previous law that […]

Will Kosovo’s new science law turn the tide on its ...

A new science law that would pave the way for more research funding for Kosovo’s scientists suffered a blow two weeks ago (20 February) when the parliamentary committee on finance sent it back to the ministry because of “big budgetary implications that were not planned for in the 2013 budget […]

Back to the drawing board for Kosovo’s plans to boost ...

A group of prominent scientists working in Croatia have made fresh demands for urgent policy changes to move Croatian science from the “bottom of European” science to a meritocratic and internationally integrated system. The letter follows a recent backtrack on long-awaited but highly controversial science reforms: the government suddenly pulled […]

Croatia’s top scientists demand radical policy changes

The European Union needs a million more researchers over the next decade and it plans to devote 3% of GDP to R&D by 2020 to keep up with its main economic competitors and be a knowledge-based economy, according to this year’s European Commission Researchers’ Report. To achieve all this, it […]

EC’s Researchers’ Report 2012: results for Balkan countries

Science ministries in south-east Europe (SEE) are ushering in an era of greater collaborative research in the region, aiming to harmonise their policies and share their research infrastructure. The hope is that this will help improve their competitiveness with richer counterparts in the EU and further afield. Ministers and officials […]

South-eastern Europe to harmonise its science policy, innovation