Ancient Egypt always fascinated people. The mystery of the pyramids, their mummies, the tombs and the treasure closed inside is something that everybody knows. Indeed, we can enjoy the view of these treasures in our modern museum or even directly visit them. However, something else is now attracting the attention […]

Old Mummies and DNA

by Vasiliki Michopoulou The Greek Ministry of Education announced on August 28,  2017 the main points of the draft law that will soon be discussed on the changes in the Lyceum and on prerequisites for entrance to Higher education. In the draft law, one can easily recognize the “metaphysical” obsession […]

“Metaphysical” persistence of degradation of Natural Sciences in the Greek ...

Astonishment is the only possible reaction at reading the latest call for funding of MIUR. Italian researchers based on Italian universities can apply for an individual fund of 3,000 euros in order to support their basic research activity.  The idea of supporting basic research activity by funding less than half […]

3,000 euros for basic research activity: the latest action of ...

It was an experience I never expected to have when joining thousands of colleagues in the March for Science. I mean, demonstrations are not new to me, as a citizen active in the peace movement and the environmental movement, but hey, this was me, the scientist, marching with other scientists, […]

Science without blinders

On Saturday 22nd April, scientists and science enthusiasts in London will join hundreds of thousands of people in more than 400 locations across the globe to recognise scientific progress, raise awareness of scientific discovery, and defend scientific integrity. At a time when fake news is rife and independent experts face […]

Science to take to the streets of London

Why a March for Science in Civray, a very small town, near Poitiers, West France ? Whereas most of the marches are organized in university cities ?   Because we are a small group of active citizens, aged from 17 to 69. Because also, unusually, we do research in our […]

A March for Science in a small countryside town?

Starting our adventure on Euroscientist blog we would like to present organization which is our home and our tool to make a change in polish higher education system and science. How did it start? The idea to start our work appeared few years ago, quite spontaneously. It had taken some […]

Polish Women Scientists Network. Who we are, what we do?

Òscar Aznar-Alemany PhD student at Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA-CSIC) Roger Tarrés Rodrigo Scientific communicator at Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) ‘How democratic should science be?’ was the question that opened the first SciDF’s public event. In the evening of the 26th October, around 30 people meet […]

The Scientists Dating Forum celebrated an event linking science and ...